Friday, March 18, 2011

Mak yg excited..Hannah and Solid Food

mase aku ade adik kecik dulu...
wahh bukan main tiap kali ibu aku nak bagi makan, aku lah yg excited
nak menyuap budak2 tu makan.
ape ingat anak patung kot nak nyuap2 kan :P

ni bile dah ade anak sendiri...
excited benar nak menyevey resepi2 pertama utk disuap ke mulut si kecik tu
lagi berapa hari je lagi Hannah nak masuk 6 bulan :)

thanks nad kerana memberi emel dan info yg sgt sgtttt berguna ;)
terkejut bile tgk hehe (padahal nad dah emel lame dah, baru2 ni jer sempat nak bukak :P)
so kepada yg lain, boleh jgk refer2 link wholesomebaby ni.
ni link utk makanan yg sesuai bagi baby baru nak start solid ni :)

suitable for babies 4 months +

Avocado (aku pun tak suke mkn, camno nak bg anak ni? huhu)
- a great first food for baby, avocados burst with essential fats and nutrients that a growing baby needs. Smooth and creamy, avocados are easily digested and well tolerated by most babies!

Vitamins: A, C, Niacin, Folate
Minerals: Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium

1. Peel and take out the pit of a ripe avocado - do not cook
2. Cut “meat” out and mash with a fork
3. There should be no need to use a machine as just like bananas, avocados have a very soft consistency and texture. Avocados do not need to be cooked
4. Add formula/breast milk or water to thin or add cereal (if desired) to thicken up. Learn More about Avocado

- bananas are another great first food for your baby. Research indicates that bananas and their mucosal properties actually help coat the tummy and help aid in digestion. Bananas are sweet, which may help baby more readily accept the first food experience. Learn more aboutbananas and if it's true that sweet fruits and veggies should not be introduced first.

Vitamins: A, C, Folate
Minerals: Potassium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Magnesium, Calcium

1. Peel a ripe banana - do not cook
2. Place banana in a food processor/food mill or blender and puree
3. You can also mash the banana in a bowl using a regular fork – heat in microwave for 25 seconds prior to mashing for extra softness
4. Add formula/breast milk or water to thin or add cereal (if desired) to thicken up.

Yams/Sweet Potato

Vitamins: A (24,877 mg ), C, Folate
Minerals: Potassium, Sodium, Selenium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Calcium

1. Wash and poke holes in sweet potato with fork then wrap sweet potatoes in tin foil - do not peel for baking/microwaving. (you can also do this in the microwave - only use plastic wrap and cook for 8 minutes on high or until tender)
2. Place in a 400 degree oven and bake for 30 minutes or until soft.

3. OR

4. Peel sweet potatoes and cut into small chunks
5. Place chunks into a pan with just enough water to slightly cover potato
6. "Steam" boil until tender, be sure to check on the water level.
7. Reserve any left over water to use for thinning out the sweet potatoes
8. If you have baked your sweet potato, remove skins and use liquid from your preferred source
9. Place sweet potato into your choice of appliance for pureeing and begin pureeing.
10. Add the reserved water or other liquid as necessary to achieve a smooth, thin consistency minutes or until a knife inserted near center comes out clean.

So kepada ibu2 yg ade resepi2 sendiri atau yg lain, bolela kongsi2 yer :)

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Mummy `Aish said...

Hanie..kebetulan kat blog Mar ade beberapa resepi utk makanan baby usia 6 try la tgk kot2 berkenan

deena awanis said...

hanie, i x suka gak avocado..tapi rafique suka..maybe sebab rasa lemak dia tu kot..

m@Ri@ said...

mmg excited kn..

:|: TinTa Kibod :|: said...

ada skit resepi dan info...

*lma x update blog ni..huhu

dell said...

fahri dah masuk 5 bln semalam.. last week dah bagi solid food sbb susu mcm tak cukup2 jer hehe.. :D

Miss CJ said...

Comel sangat mummy yg eksaited ni :-D

ryy.han said...

ada sikit resepi untuk baby

jemputlah jenguk